NIRO preview

I’m pleased to preview the first scene from my upcoming self-published comic NIRO.  I’m hard at work on it now and the first digital chapter will be on sale in early 2013. My plan is to release several serialized digital issues, in DRM-free formats such as PDF and CBZ, and then publish a collected edition in print when the story is complete. Each digital chapter will be pay-what-you-want, with a minumum of 99 cents. The price of the collected print book is still yet to be determined.

I’ll be updating this website leading up to the release of the first chapter with assorted sketches, previews and other material, but for now please enjoy the first scene from NIRO:

385 comments on “NIRO preview

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  6. Cameron!
    That looks really cool! It’s a fresh new direction after the Sin Titulo period.
    And it is funny the “Miyazaki style” shows after the Nausicaä commission you drew for me. ;)
    Good luck on the Niro adventure. Can’t wait to see what’s next!

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